Deluxe Piano Lessons


The Deluxe Piano Lesson is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. Geared toward the beginner and intermediate player, this hour long lesson time is split into three equal parts. 20 minutes of one-on-one time with your instructor, 20 minutes of personal but guided piano practice, and 20 minutes of music theory and music activity.

awardpictureCarterGemmaMollyEleanorEach Deluxe piano lesson can have up to 3 students at a time. Each student rotates through the three sections (1 on1, personal practice, and music theory & activities). It doesn’t matter which section the students begin with because they will have an opportunity to complete all three.

At the discretion of the teacher, and at a certain level, your child may be recommended for individual private lessons. Some of the benefits of Deluxe Lessons are:


  • allows more time for parents to run errands or take a break (at Starbucks across the street) 
  • group atmosphere can bring encouragement, motivation, and accountability to students working through similar challenges.f00000163
  •  each student will have a minimum of 20 minutes of practice per week 
  • students can work at their own pace while still being in a group setting
  • students can choose to be more independent and still get one-on-one time with the instructor
  • almost the same price as one-on-one lessons but for twice the amount of learning time