Fishers First Steps

Fishers First Steps

is a music class for children ages birth through 48 months. This class is 40 minutes in duration with 10 minutes being a “free time” at the beginning of the class where parents and kids can come play in the room with the musical toys, instruments, and objects.




This is a eight week class with a maximum of ten participants. The songs and rhymes have been gathered over the past twenty years by John M. Feierabend. Many of he most interesting examples were collected from the elderly, who often recalled songs and/or rhymes with great affection, reminding them of loving moments they had shared with young people in the past.

Unique Aspects of the Fishers First Steps in Music Curriculum

  • Based on folk and traditional songs and rhymes because of their natural melodic expressiveness, natural flow of the language, and texts filled with wonder.
  • Based on early childhood research related to the development of:
    • Music intelligence;
    • singing skills;
    • sensitivity to the beat and beat groups;
    • expressive movement;
    • musical memory;
    • preferences; and
    • neurological connections.

Goals for Children

  • To experience activities that will prepare children for the later development of:
    • accurate rhythmic skills
    • accurate singing skills; and
    • sensitivity to the expressive qualities in music.




Source: First Steps in Music by John M. Feierabend