Group Guitar Package

Group Guitar Package

Purchase this $349 Group Package as a gift today for only $199 (First 10 Weeks). Be sure to tell us this is a gift. This is a beginner level group class with a class size limit of ten participants. There is no age limit for the class and you do not have to have a guitar to participate. Group Guitar takes place at our studio location in Fishers where we have hundreds of square feet of space to be comfortable and focus on learning.


This class is a ten week class with a small group of participants. Each students in the class has one-on-one time with the instructor as well as group playing time. The exercises, methods, and songs have been written and or compiled by the instructor in order to give each student the foundation for the learning process.

Unique Aspects of the Group Guitar Class Curriculum

  • Teaches students to identify parts of the guitar and each parts function.
  • Introduces a variety of musical styles and genres.
  •  Based on Music Education research related to the development of:
    • Music Intelligence;
    • musical memory; and
    • reading and Aural development.

Goals for Children

  • To experience practice techniques for long term improvement in:
    • reading and playing melody on the staff
    • reading and playing chord charts
    • accurate Rhythms and Strumming Patterns; and
    • Sensitivity to the expressive qualities in music.